Maintenance for all types of E.O.T. Cranes:

When you have a breakdown our Service Engineers are available 24-hours a day to get your critical lifting equipment running again. Planned maintenance is one of the best ways to minimize your crane running costs, and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Stahl (SCS) service and inspection programs are the key to our Schedule maintenance plans. Together these reduce the cost of running your equipment.

Service and Inspection Contracts :

We offer a number of different services and inspection programs so that you can choose the one most appropriate for you, your plant and equipment. A comprehensive range of support services are available from an annual inspection to a full totally inclusive maintenance and servicing contract. All these services are tailored specifically to your equipment needs ensuring you get maximum crane utilization and total value for money. We have available and extensive range of test weights to carry out Load Testing and Certification of cranes.

Refurbishing and Modernization :

Through refurbishing or modernization you can return your equipment to it’s new specification, or incorporate the latest technology to increase it’s efficiency and extend it’s life, allowing you to take advantage of the latest techniques and the best practices in modern manufacturing and productions. SCS provide a complete refurbishment and modernization service, including strip down, testing and evaluation of existing parts and replacement and rebuild.

Conversions to Radio Control
Upgrading cranes from DC to AC
Conversions to Inverter Control to Increase efficiency
Increase crane lifting capacities
Semi and fully automated control systems
Powered slewing systems
Refurbishment of winch drums and wheels

Full Design and Consultation Service :

Whether you require a single hoist unit or a complete unique system, our qualified and experienced Project Engineers can provide new systems satisfying all of your needs. We also provide ongoing advice to guide you as your requirements evolve. This may be simple moving a crane to a new location.